Corporate Social Responsibility

All aspects of Westhill's work is undertaken with a high level of integrity.

We recognise that, by operating within the property and development industry, we have responsibilities, not only to investors but also to the wider community and to the environment. We therefore focus on professionalism and best practice

We invest in the training and development of our staff and systems to deliver all our objectives, including those set out here.

We seek to work with contractors, suppliers and professional partners who are mindful of the issues of sustainability and who seek to implement ecologically sensitive practices.

From the land choices we make and the selection of environment-friendly, energy-efficient building materials, to programmes of tree planting and recycling, we are committed to increasing the range and depth of sustainable practices across our organisation.

One very important aspect of what we do is our support for the fight to improve the living standards of disadvantaged children across the world.

Our CEO, Rita Dattani, is a trustee of Lumos - a charity which fights to end the institutionalisation of children. We provide Lumos with administrative and fundraising support as well as making direct financial contributions. 

In addition to our support for Lumos, we also provide financial and fundraising support for the Nirvana School Trust in Pondicherry, South India.